DROPPING OFF AND CARRYING ON!

With no end yet in sight to lockdown, we are still not able to offer you all a face to face Repair Café – it’s a sobering thought that the last time we did that was a year ago!

But we’re not downhearted! Our “drop off” service continues and is as popular as ever.  The way it works is that we put your repair enquiry  out to our volunteers and anyone who is prepared to take it on agrees to do so. They then make contact with you and give you their address. You drop it on their doorstop and they tell you when it’s fixed. You then collect it, paying for any parts required, and we invite you to make a donation toward the Cafe… That’s all there is to it!! 

Please  note that we cannot visit you at home, and  the volunteer who takes on your repair might  not be just down the road from you – but with a bit of luck they won’t be too far away!!

And – do try to say a bit more than  “my toaster is broken”!!   Help us to help you by taking  the time to tell us   the make and model number of the item, exactly what has gone wrong, send us  a good quality photo or two, and we will see what we can do. Sorry, but only one repair at a time please,  as we are seriously busy right now!

Contact  us at:

Bryan McAlley and the Chailey Repair Café team