The Marjory Pegg Awards for Services to the Community

We would like to receive your nominations for this years Marjory Pegg Award.

When Marjory Pegg left Maresfield in September 2003 for her new home in France, the village said goodbye to someone who had been enthusiastically involved in community life for over 30 years, including a number as Chairman of the Parish Council.  It was decided that each year awards would be presented in her honour to people nominated by the residents of Maresfield and in 2012 was extended to include Nutley and Fairwarp villages.  Sadly, Marjory passed away in April 2014.

Many people help to build the fabric of village life in many different ways, by running local businesses, organising social clubs, serving on committees, giving their time to support local events and being a good neighbour and friend.

The closing date this year for nominations is 31st March 2021.

Please submit the name of the person you are nominating plus the reasons you believe they should receive an award to