The situation
As the hot temperatures increase, the amount of water being used across our supply area is beyond the levels we expect for this time of year, therefore we’re asking our customers to be mindful of the amount of water they’re using.
Since this hot spell began we’ve been producing an extra 120 million litres of drinking water every day – the equivalent of 20 million flushes of the toilet – for our 2.3 million customers to use. But, if everyone uses a lot of water at once, demand can outweigh the amount of water we are able to treat and pump to properties.
This can lead to water pressures dipping, meaning it can’t flow from the taps so freely.
Although we’re used to managing high demand and have tried and tested plans in place, we’re grateful to customers who play their part by using water wisely, so we can continue to keep water flowing to everyone’s taps.
We’re regularly updating a dedicated page on our website with the amount of water we’re producing daily and the latest reservoir levels.
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How you can help
To help spread the word even wider and reach all our communities with this important information we need your help.
Please share the messaging we’re putting out on our channels amongst your communities either on your own social media channels or website.

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Top water saving tips
Top tips we can all use to be more mindful about the amount of water we’re using include:
Let nature water your grass: Allow lawns to go brown – it will soon go green again when it rains
Save paddling pool water: Top-up and reuse paddling pool water for your plants and grass
Put down the garden hose: Use watering cans for lawns, plants and flower beds, instead of garden hoses
Running taps are wasteful: Don’t let taps run when brushing your teeth – turn them off
Take shorter showers: Knocking a minute or two off to take shorter four minute showers
Fill your dishwasher before you use it: Don’t use your dishwasher until it is full and save water and energy
Wash your car less frequently: It’s a small change that will make a big difference for everyone.
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