The Parish Council has been contacted by many concerned residents as a result of fencing and ‘Private Property – No Trespassing’ signs being erected on land adjacent to Maresfield Recreation Ground.

Parishioners should be aware that Park Farm Lane and the land to the west and south west of the Recreation Ground is private land.

The Parish Council understands that landowners are at liberty to take reasonable action to prevent trespassing on their land whilst making sure that any formal public footpaths remain accessible, in this case footpath numbers 66a, 66b and 72.

Legitimate users of the Recreation Ground  are able to access the Recreation Ground using Park Farm Lane under a legal agreement between the landowners and the Parish Council.

This access and the Parish Council parking spaces are not available for those not using the Recreation Ground such as shoppers, school drop off/pickup or visitors parking.

The purple lines on the ESCC Rights of Way map below denote the public footpaths across the area.

Southern Maresfield footpaths