• Underhill Bridge – The team are currently working on the design for the repairs to this bridge and a information letter will be sent out to residents by the end of this month with an updated plan for the scheme. In regards to the comments made about limiting access to the road – our traffic and safety team are currently in liaison with Councillor Galley and would be able to assist with any queries about this area of work. We do apologise for any frustration caused from our previous letters – and our comments were not specifically directed at any particular resident.
  • Pothole A22 opposite the Laughton Road – we appreciate residents bringing this to our attention. Speaking to the team it does appear the repair has failed and the material has lifted. Our team will be addressing this and carrying out remedial repair as soon as possible.
  • Nursery Lane – would the resident who raised the issue of missing keep clear signs/marking please contact our customer team as we cannot find any reference of this along Nursery Lane and have no record of markings being here previously. We need some further information regarding the location. This can be done via our website at www.eastsussexhighways.com
  • A22 Forest Row – We are aware of the condition of the A22 Forest Row, and we have plans to carry out substantial repairs later this financial year. Residents in the local vicinity will be contacted nearer the time with further information.
  • School Hill – We have identified a number of safety defects along this road which will be repaired in the next 28 days. We do also have some further patching repairs planned for later this financial year. Again residents will be contacted nearer the time once these works are scheduled.
  • Gullies along A22 in particular opposite Pickets Lane junction – we have visited this location and identified a number of gullies which need to be clear. These will be done in the next 28 days. Our team are reviewing the cyclical programme for how regularly these gullies are cleansed in the future – and if this requires amendment they will pick this up.
  • A22 in Nutley – the pavements along this section of road have now been cleared of vegetation and the footway should be accessible.

We really appreciate the time of residents and the Parish Council and I hope the above is useful information. As mentioned there is wealth of information and online reporting tool available on our website at www.eastsussexhighways.com

Many thanks

Ruby Brittle (Pronouns She/Her)

Stakeholder and Engagement Team Manager

Contracts Management Group – Communities, Economy and Transport