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Here's a little bit of Maresfield history :

In 1897 a piece of land was gifted to the village of Maresfield to use as a recreation ground  in commemoration of the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The deed of conveyance was dated 1899 and inscribed on vellum. It was from Count Alexander Munster of Hanover, the owner of the Maresfield Park, to Maresfield Parish Council.

The plan shows the original area of the recreation ground with four stone markers at each corner and a commemorative stone and lamp at the entrance.

To commemorate the occasion, the Empress Frederick of Germany, who was Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, came to Maresfield to plant an oak tree. This tree can truly be called a Royal Sussex oak.

Count Munster is the gentleman holding the large bouquet of flowers while Mr Mark Sandford, the Maresfield Park superintendent, holds a Sussex trug with some soil in it for the Empress to spread on the tree roots. The two boys in sailor suits are the sons of the Rector of Maresfield.

The local paper records the event.

A photographer from Lewes took pictures of the entrance at the time. The lamp has been moved back from the road and the tree in the centre is gone now , as are all the railings.

Later, a commemorative dinner was held at the Chequers Hotel in Maresfield, hosted by Count Munster. It was by all accounts a very genial affair.

In 1915, by order of the High Court of Justice, the property owned by Count Munster became vested in the Public Trustee as custodian for England and Wales under The Trading with the Enemy (Amendment) Act 1914. On 18 Sep 1924 the Public Trustee was empowered to sell the estate to William Henry Abbey of Uckfield House for 61,714 who sold a large part of it a week later.



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